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In this article you will discover:

  • Why it is critical to hire a family lawyer in Ohio
  • The difference between a contested and uncontested divorce
  • Significant benefits to uncontested divorces in Ohio

I usually meet with clients to discuss this. We have what is called an in-camera interview, and no there are no actual cameras. It is a Latin term for private. We ask the court to have an in-camera interview with the child. The child will meet with a magistrate or the judge and speak with them privately in their chamber. That is the only time a child would need to appear in court. There are rare cases when the child will testify, but we prefer the in-camera interview.

There is also the guardian ad litem, who represents the child’s interest. This is done in efforts to prevent the children from going to court or testifying. The guardian ad litem talks with the children and each parent. They might go to the child’s school. They gather all information that might be needed in the case and provide that information to the court.

Why Is It Critical To Seek Counsel Of An Experienced Family Law Attorney Versus Trying To Handle It On Your Own In Ohio?

If you do not work with an experienced family law attorney, it is possible that you will not complete the proper paperwork. If you file the incorrect paperwork with the court, your case will be dismissed. An experienced attorney can help make sure that you get the proper paperwork filed in a timely manner the first time around. This will save you time and frustration. Additionally, an attorney knows the process and what pitfalls to look for.

What Is The Difference Between A Contested Divorce And An Uncontested Divorce In Ohio?

An uncontested divorce is where the parties have an agreement on 100% of the issues. We gather that information from the clients, draft all the paperwork, tweak it, and make sure it is customized for that client. Then we can get it filed with court. In uncontested matters, we work amongst ourselves first and possibly with the other party’s attorney, if they wish. Uncontested divorce is usually a much quicker process. Once the paperwork is filed in court, we have a court hearing within your own timeframe. You do not have the same control of the timeframe with a contested divorce.

With a contested divorce, the parties disagree on one or more issues. At that point, we file a complaint of a petition with the court, and the parties are served. The litigation process we must follow in Ohio can be lengthy, costly, and complex.

What Are The Most Significant Benefits To Uncontested Divorces In Ohio?

The major benefit to uncontested divorces in Ohio is that you have control over how your paperwork is handled. If you work with attorneys on your uncontested divorce, you can have your divorce paperwork tailored to your needs.

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