How To Secure Your Important Legal Documents Online Introducing Our Subsidiary Company Attorneys Vault & Commonly Asked Questions About Securing Your Legal Documents

Clients have been requesting a way to store their important legal documents and now we have the answer. With innovative legal technology and unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide predictability and security to our clients.

What is a legal document?

A legal document is correspondence between parties or businesses to show a record of a transaction, process, obligation, or legal right. Such correspondence entails the terms and conditions of that occurrence.

What is considered a legal document?

When clients think of a legal document, they think of a contract. A legal document can be a wide variety of correspondence. The correspondence can be anywhere from an email to a deed or last will and testament.

A mortgage and mortgage note are also examples of legal documents that clients would want to secure.

Legal professionals and law firms draft a wide range of such documents for their clients, court, and business transactions. Certain documents need to be carefully drafted in order for them to be legally valid and hold up in Court.

What is Attorneys Vault?

Attorneys Vault is a document cloud storage service system. It provides cloud storage services to our clients who need to have a backup way to store their legal documents.

Google Drive is an online file storage system that allows its users to store files in the cloud. The main different and what sets as apart from Google Drive is that our company is owned and operated by Attorneys. For an extra fee clients can have their legal documents reviewed by our attorneys.

Attorneys Vault is specific legal documents. Clients can use this system to store sensitive information for their legal documents. Each client can setup their own file and documents. Clients can share their legal documents with their loved ones. This means beneficiaries can easily access legal documents with client’s permission but cannot change the documents.

Attorneys Vault comprises of a military grade secure cloud so clients can rest at ease that their legal documents will be safe. It is the one and only legal storage system owned and operated by Attorneys.

How do I keep important documents online safe?

Attorneys Vault is Attorney owned, monitored and reviewed. We provide a military grade security to ensure our clients have the most up-to-date security so our clients don’t have to do it themselves.

Can Attorneys Vault also store my original documents?

Yes, most clients like to use a file cabinet keep important documents. This can cause problems if there is a fire or flood. Attorneys vault has an option to store original legal documents in a secured location. Clients can retrieve their original documents at any time with a small retrieval fee.

What List of important documents should I keep safe?

At Attorneys Vault, the list of documents a client can store are limitless. There is a wide variety of documents that a client can store with Attorneys Vault, it’s really at the clients discretion.

A short but not comprehensive list could include your Last Will and Testament, Trust, mortgage documents, Health Care Power of Attorneys, Durable Power of Attorneys for finances, deeds or business contracts.

Sign up for Attorneys Vault services now. Give you and your loved ones a piece of mind.  

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