How To Navigate A Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve just been through a car accident, then we understand how traumatic that must’ve been. Whether you caused the accident or you were the victim, it doesn’t matter — you’ve undoubtedly suffered either physical, emotional, or financial damage as a result. However, no matter how frazzled or distraught you might be, the unfortunate reality is that you have a number of responsibilities to take care of in order to lessen potential expenses, whatever they may be.

What To Do Immediately After An Accident?

  1. Get Your Story Straight

If you’ve just been in a car accident, we get that you’re dazed. However, if you’re not seriously injured, then we encourage you to make a detailed account of how the accident occurred as you experienced it. This is very important to do sooner rather than later, as if your insurance claim gets challenged or you end up going to court, you don’t want it to be found out that you changed your story. As soon as you alter any detail of your story, even once, it can instantly cast doubt on your credibility. So make sure you have your story straight.

  1. Document The Scene Of The Accident

If you have access to a camera, take pictures of the entire accident scene, including both you and the other party’s vehicle. These pictures can be importance pieces of evidence, especially if another party tries to blame you for a scratch on their car that occurred after the accident took place. While this might sound far-fetched, you might be surprised by how far people are willing to go to save a few bucks on a repair.

  1. Get A Copy Of The Police Report

At most car accidents, a police officer will arrive to get everybody’s statements about what happens. It’s important that during this conversation, you’re completely honest with the officer about everything. Like we mentioned earlier, as soon as you lie or you’re seen as someone who isn’t credible, it can hurt your case significantly.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

As someone with car insurance, it’s likely that you’re required to report to your insurance company when you’ve been involved in an accident. However, it’s important that when you do this, you keep it vague. Give general information, but don’t give a blow by blow account of the accident, and by no means should you bring up fault — especially if you think the fault might lie with you.

If you’re involved in a major accident and you’re concerned that your insurance company isn’t going to pay out because you caused the accident, you might need to consult a personal injury attorney.

Our office will help keep you from shelling out undue amounts of money when you didn’t do anything wrong, since your insurance company isn’t going to look out for you like that. Please contact us today to see how our office can help you.

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