How To Improve Your Legal Protection With Our Notary Public Services And Your Notary Questions Answered

What Does Notary Public Do?

A notary public is a person that is appointed through a government agency to serve as a impartial witness to important legal documents. The must apply to become a notary, take a course and pass a test.

What Notary Services Do You Provide?

We provide notary services and notarized documents to all our clients. Our clients can setup an appointment to have their documents notarized by one of our notary publics.

How Can A Notary Help Provide Protection To My Legal Document?

A notary public acts as a witness and certifies the person signing the document is that actual person. The person signing the document is not under duress or pressure to sign the document.

If you do not have a notary signature, then it can be argued that someone signed your name on the document. A notary is a witness that can be summoned to court to testify on your behalf. The notary signature adds an extra layer of protection.

What Notary Is Open On Sunday?

Our office can provide notary services on Sunday by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Is There A Notary Public Near Me?

Yes, we are located in Northeast Ohio. We provide legal services to Portage County, Summit County, Geauga County and Trumbull County, Ohio. We have provide travel services by appointment only to our clients. Please schedule an appointment.

Where Is The Notary Signature?

If your legal documents needs a notary. The notary signature is usually located at the end of the document. A vehicle title that needs to be notarize is usually located in the middle of the back of the title.

Where Can I Find Notary?

Our office provides notary public services.

Do I Need A Notary Or Lawyer?

This depends on the document that you need notarized. Usually a vehicle title needs to be notarized and not reviewed by a lawyer.

Real estate transactions usually needs to be witnessed by a notary.

A notary public who is not an Attorney cannot provide legal advice as to the document that you are signing.

An Attorney can provide legal advise as to the legal document that you are signing.

Why Notary Is Required?

A notary public is required on certain legal documents. The notary acts as a impartial witness, this helps prevent fraud. The notary verifies the persons identity and makes sure they are not under duress or pressure to sign the document.

Why Notary Is Important?

Its important because it helps to prevent fraud. It insures that the person signing the document is that actual person. The signing agent also insures that person is signing the document under oath and not under duress or pressure to sign a document.

How Is Notary Done?

The process is usually simple. A client presents out office with a document to our notary public. A client signs the document in their presence. After that, the notary public officially notarizes the legal document by using an official stamp seal, writes in the date, and adds their own signature.

Can A Notary Notarized A Paper Without A Person Being Present?

No, a notary cannot sign the document without the client being present to witness the signature.

Are Lawyers Notaries In Ohio?

Yes, Lawyers usually are commissioned to be notaries. An Attorney is not automatically a notary they must follow in Ohio Revised Code in order to apply to become a notary.

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