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In this article, you will learn:

  • Why hiring an attorney even in uncontested divorces is wise
  • How uncontested divorces affect various aspects of divorce in Ohio
  • The timeframe of uncontested divorces

The benefit of hiring a lawyer for an uncontested divorce is that we know how to custom-tailor the paperwork to our client’s needs. We know all the pitfalls, we’re familiar with the courts, and every single court has different requirements of different paperwork. There’s a ton of paperwork that needs to be filled out with the divorce, even the uncontested divorce. And to get it right the first time, it’s best to hire our office. That way, we can make sure the paperwork is done correctly the first time. If the paperwork is not done correctly, then you’re going to have to keep coming back to court to try to fix it.

Dissolution And Uncontested Divorce In Ohio

A dissolution is where we have an agreement upfront of all the issues and that would be considered an uncontested divorce. Some people file for a divorce and then we can convert it to an uncontested divorce if the parties decide that they have an agreement, but a dissolution is a separate process than a divorce. Dissolution is where you have agreement upfront, and we do the paperwork upfront, and then we file it with the court and have a hearing. An uncontested divorce is where a divorce must be filed before it can be converted to an uncontested divorce.

How Spousal Support Is Affected By A Dissolution Or An Uncontested Divorce In Ohio

You can still get spousal support in a dissolution or an uncontested divorce. The difference is that we agree upon the spousal support number beforehand. But through a dissolution or uncontested divorce, we can figure out spousal support and child support as well.

Marital Settlement Agreements In Ohio Explained

A marital settlement agreement in Ohio is the separation agreement where you lay out the terms and conditions of an uncontested divorce or the dissolution, and it allocates the assets and the debts. It’s a complete agreement on all the marital issues. We can also put non-marital issues in there if we need to, but the marital settlement agreement or the separation agreement is where we lay out all the terms and conditions of a client’s uncontested matter.

How Long A Spouse Has To Respond To A Complaint In An Uncontested Divorce In Ohio

When you file for a divorce, you have 20 days to answer the complaint. With an uncontested divorce, you waive any service. We do all the paperwork upfront for an uncontested divorce, and the parties waive any type of service, so we’re not really responding to any pleadings and we don’t need to. So, it’s a lot faster, easier, and the courts are not really involved. The attorney drafts all the dissolution paperwork or uncontested paperwork upfront and then we can get that filed with the court. If a spouse files for a divorce, then they have 20 days to respond to the complaint.

Why Both Parties Still Need An Attorney In An Uncontested Divorce

If you want to preserve your rights and make sure that the paperwork is fair, just, and equitable, both parties should have counsel. But in the state of Ohio, one attorney can do the paperwork, but the attorney cannot represent both sides. They can represent only one client.

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