Fast Facts: Summit And Trumbull County Court Records

The Court is a complex System. We are here to help.

Its so important for clients to education themselves on the Court records and the different divisions of the Court system. Our office has seen too many times the misconception of the Court system and the different divisions within the Court.

The Summit, Geauga and Trumbull County Clerk is a division of the court system. The clerks office handles and manages all cases filed with the Court. The division is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the Rules of Practice of the Court.

Each Court has their own clerk’s office. Its important to familiarize yourself with the clerks office and how they accept paperwork filing. Each clerks office has their own set of rules and regulations. Its important to follow their rules so that they will accept pleadings.

Summit county clerk and the Geauga County Clerk accepts efiling. The Trumbull County clerks office, which it depends on the division will only accept original paper filing.

Our office always keeps up to date on the courts local rules and filings at the county clerk of courts. Our office is up to date will all the requirements.

The Summit county, Geauga County and Trumbull County Probate Court retains all the marriage licenses. Our office can provide a comprehensive search to locate a marriage license for our clients.

The Summit county, Geauga County and Trumbull County domestic relations court handles the family law division. County domestic relations courts each have their own clerks office. Every counties family law court is structured differently. The division that you file your case in depends on many factors, for example, whether the parents are married or unmarried.

Municipal Courts are a different division of the court system. Within the municipal court there is a small claims court. Its very important to inform our office of what type of case and the relief you are seeking. The type of relief that you are seeking will help determine where your case needs to be filed.

Every County in Ohio has municipal courts. Some counties have more than one municipal court such as Summit County and Trumbull County. Its very important to provide as much details as possible about your case at our office so we can provide the best legal assistance as possible.

The clerks office usually has the business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. some courts have different hours. Our office will provide all the information necessary to assist you.

Some Court records are public records. It really depends on what type of case it is. Our office will provide any assistance we can to make sure that you have complete access to all your case pleadings.
Every Court has their own web site. Our office makes sure that we keep up to date the Courts website information and any changes in the local rules.

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