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Though it would be wonderful if it was true, not all family continue together. Facing family legal challenges is an unknown experience with serious consequences – making it a situation few are able to handle on their own.

This can be a highly charged, confusing and emotional time, and it’s important to obtain counsel with the proper background and experience in successfully representing clients in family law matters. Our team will work for what is fair for you, set personal priorities and represent you in a professional manner.

The Law Firm of Amy R. Turos understands how difficult it can be to navigate a divorce and family law litigation. We are here to offer you the best legal representation in the area while educating and supporting you on your rights and protections during the process.

As a law firm based in Garrettsville, we conveniently serve family law clients in Portage County, Summit County, Trumbull County, Geauga County and surrounding areas.

Our Goal: Resolving Family Law Matters To Your Satisfaction

The first step we take in helping you resolve your family law concerns is to identify your current and future needs, focusing on what will best meet your family’s unique concerns. We then work toward a practical resolution, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our founding attorney, Amy Turos, as well as our entire team, has a deep understanding of Ohio law and extensive experience in representing clients in family law issues, including:

  • Divorce and dissolution
  • Valuation and division of property
  • Custody issues, arrangement, enforcement and modification, should it be needed.

While we do try to find a solution through mediation and out of the courtroom, sometimes negotiations between parties break down. Be confident that we are prepared for this, and we are your strongest advocates in the courtroom, where aggression and vision are some of our top litigation tools when representing you as a client.

Your Advocate When You Need One

The team at the Law Firm of Amy R. Turos understands how important your family is to you, now and in the future. As your counsel, we will help you make educated, thoughtful decisions for you and your family.

You can start the conversation with a member of our legal team or to make an appointment to discuss your legal needs in person, call our law office at (330) 222-3898 or fill out the contact form.

All It Takes Is A Phone Call…

We realize that finding the right law firm for your needs can be difficult; especially if this is the first time you’ve needed legal representation. Now is the time to ask questions, both to learn what makes us different from other law firms in the area and how the process works.

When you call the Law Firm of Amy R. Turos, you will speak directly to Amy and to the lawyers who make up our team. We believe that you deserve direct communication, with clear, concise and understandable answers in words that you will understand.

From the first call or meeting you have with us, you can be assured that our goal is always to find the personalized solution that is right for you. We will stand up to insurance companies who are denying appropriate claims, we will protect you during divorce negotiations and litigation, and we will ensure that your estate plan protects you and preserves your assets to give you peace of mind.

Amy Turos, Esq.

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