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Law Offices of Amy R. Turos.

Fairlawn, Ohio’s Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

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Are you wondering whether estate planning can provide protection for you and your family? Find out the benefits of estate planning at the Law Firm of Amy R. Turos!

If you are like most people, you may view estate planning as something only necessary for the rich, or for those nearing the end of their life. Or, you may not know what estate planning entails and therefore be unaware of how it can benefit you.

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning can benefit everyone, regardless of your age, income, health, or assets. At the Law Offices of Amy R. Turos, we believe everyone should have access to estate planning, and we are dedicated to protecting your family and your future through estate planning strategies.

We take pride in the attentive and customized care that we give each of our clients in Fairlawn, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. As your estate planning law firm, we will guide you through every aspect of the estate planning process and ensure that your assets are protected.

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Lawyer, Fairlawn, Ohio

Estate planning allows you to create a strategy for what will happen to your assets during and after your lifetime. It provides you the chance to decide who will inherit or receive certain assets, and can make the transition easier for family members after your passing.

However, estate planning also involves making decisions and establishing a plan for your healthcare needs. For instance, certain documents lay out the actions that should be taken in case you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself.

Finally, estate planning can help make the probate process easier for your family members after your death. Probate is a legal process through which your estate is settled and your assets are allocated to your beneficiaries. It can be a very lengthy and stressful process for those you leave behind, but with the help of an estate planning lawyer, you can simplify and shorten the probate proceedings.

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What Documents Are Involved In Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Lawyer, Fairlawn, Ohio

Estate planning can involve a number of different documents, depending on your specific situation. Your estate planning attorney can help you determine which documents are right for you. Some of the most common documents needed in estate planning include:

  • Living Will: Your will is the main document that outlines your wishes for after you pass. It can include which assets you want to go to each of your beneficiaries, as well as your preferred arrangements for your funeral. You should also choose an executor, or the person who will take care of your estate during the probate process.
  • Trusts: The purpose of a trust is to hold specific assets of your choosing so that they are safe from creditors, probate, or other means of potentially losing these assets. There are several distinct types of trusts that can be distributed before or after your death.
  • Advanced Healthcare Directive: Also called a “Living Will,” this document specifies how you want to be cared for in the event that you become incapacitated or are unable to communicate your wishes for medical treatment.
  • Power of Attorney: A power of attorney is someone who makes decisions for you in the event that you are not able to make these decisions on your own, such as if you become incapacitated. A financial power of attorney makes decisions about your finances on your behalf, while a medical power of attorney makes decisions for you about healthcare.
  • Additional Documents: Your estate planning lawyer will advise you on other potential paperwork you should complete that will benefit you and your loved ones. For example, you may need to establish a guardian for your minor children, or a pour-over will if you have a revocable trust.

The documents involved in estate planning can be complex and confusing, and it is essential to complete them properly to avoid problems later down the road. This is one reason why it is crucial to have a lawyer for preparing estate planning documents. To find out more information about how an estate planning attorney can assist you, contact the Law Offices of Amy R. Turos.

Start Protecting Your Future Today!

The Law Offices of Amy R. Turos | Fairlawn, Ohio

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of planning your estate or unsure where to begin? While estate planning might seem complicated, an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you streamline the process. At the Law Offices of Amy R. Turos, we will help you create a customized plan to safeguard your assets.

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