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Law Offices of Amy R. Turos.

The Purpose Of Having An Estate Plan

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Why should you prepare estate planning documents for yourself and your family? The simple answer is that being prepared ahead of time will simplify the process for your family once you are gone. Estate planning is more than just drafting a will and is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the future. If you do not have a will, a trust, any power of attorney or a healthcare directive, the things that may happen could be the complete opposite of what you want to happen and cause issues for loved ones. Having a proper estate plan in place can make things more beneficial for your family and loved ones, during one of the most challenging times. Along with your estate plan, make sure that your family and loved ones know and understand your wishes and desires.

Firm Details

The Law Firm of Amy R. Turos, located in Kent, Ohio, can guide and direct you in estate planning services. There are several factors to consider in preparing estate planning documents; however, Amy is known as a top estate planning attorney in Kent, Ohio. The estate planning law firm has a of well qualified team ready and able to assist you in your estate planning process. We provide cost-effective estate planning guidance through Kent, Ohio.

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Estate Planning Is Scary At First But Calming In The End

When you actually sit down and think about estate planning and what all you actually have to think about and prepare for, your anxiety can go haywire, and the worst-case scenario can float through your mind. We can guide you through process and alleviate some of the stress. We will start by reviewing your estate in its entirety to determine what you want to happen and the best solution to get what you want to happen. A will would be drafted to direct the allocation of your assets. Depending on your assets, a trust may be needed.

Healthcare directives, which are also known as Power of Attorney’s, will also be drafted to appoint someone to handle things for you if you are unable to handle them yourself due to a medical condition. This advance planning will allow your family to have a clear and precise direction on the medical care that you wish to receive. Your will and/or trust will explain how you would like for your assets to be handled and distributed.

These directives will further aide your family members through the probate process. Once they are complete, you can breathe a sigh of release that this part is covered and know that things are going to be handled the way you want them to be when you are no longer around. Essentially, your loved ones will be taken care of.

If you already have an estate plan in place but are thinking about modifying it, our estate planning law firm can go through your plan with you and suggest changes that will assist in taking care of your loved ones once you are gone. Having this peace of mind will allow you to relieve the stress you may have at what will happen to loved ones once you are gone.

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Consequences Of Not Having An Estate Plan

What happens when you fail to make your intentions know through your estate plan? Ohio law will manage your assets and healthcare decisions for you. Yes, your family and loved ones may want to help you; however, the lack of a will, trust, power of attorney or healthcare directive, can cause the estate probate process to be extensive as well as cause a financial strain on your family and loved ones. Benjamin Franklin quoted, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Let Us Help You Prepare Your Estate Plan

Trust the Law Office of Amy Turos to be our estate planning attorney and guide you in your estate planning. Let us be the lawyer for preparing estate planning documents for you. We are happy to assist you and your family and loved ones in preparing for one of the hardest moments in ones life. With our guidance, we can turn a hard to think about time in your life to allow peace of mind if something were to happen. If you are in the Kent, Ohio area and need to speak with a member of our firm, please contact us at (330) 221-3104, and we will be happy to guide you in your estate planning process.

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