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The divorce process can raise a lot of questions. Where to start? Is divorce expensive? What paperwork do I need to file? Should I hire a divorce lawyer? How am I going to support myself and my children while going through a divorce? The list of questions can be extensive and long. However, you do not have to go through the divorce process alone. If you are going through a divorce, our Ohio family law & divorce lawyer at the Law Firm of Amy R. Turos can help answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease. We are here to lend a compassionate ear and give specialized counsel and representation. Our firm has successfully guided numerous couples and families through the divorce process and into the next phase of their lives. Our knowledge and resources are at your disposal. Allow our attorney-at-law, Amy R. Turos, to assist and support you during this stressful time in your life.

Ohio Residency Requirement

When spouses no longer wish to stay married, they can seek a divorce-dissolution in Ohio. There are steps and requirements that have to be met in order to have a divorce-dissolution properly executed. State law dictates that before filing for divorce, one of the spouses must live in the state for at least six months prior to filing their divorce petition. If neither spouse meets this requirement, they have to wait until one of them has lived in Ohio for six months. If the couple meets the residency requirement, they can move forward and file the petition for divorce-dissolution with the county court that pertains to Garrettsville, OH.

Although there is no mandatory waiting period before a divorce is finalized, the duration of a divorce proceeding will depend on the type of divorce that gets filed and the specifics of the divorce-dissolution case. For instance, if a spouse files a contested no-fault divorce, there is a separation period of one year that must be realized prior to filing the divorce. The court can also impose a waiting period of up to 90 days if children are involved or other matters that need to be settled before anything is finalized. To verify whether your situation could prompt a waiting period, it is advised to consult with a qualified divorce lawyer in Garrettsville, OH.

Fault-Based Divorce

Ohio is one of the few states that recognizes fault-based divorces. A fault-based divorce places the blame for the breakdown of a marriage on one of the spouses, particularly the defendant in the divorce proceeding. The fault-based grounds that exist in Ohio include:

  • Adultery
  • Abandonment of a Spouse
  • Extreme Cruelty
  • Bigamy
  • Gross Neglect
  • Imprisonment

The person who is blaming their spouse for the dissolution of their marriage must present evidence of the grounds they are claiming. Proving fault-based grounds can be complex depending on the circumstances. An Ohio family law & divorce lawyer can help you identify whether a fault-based divorce is a feasible recourse.

No-Fault Divorce

Most couples choose the no-fault divorce route. In a no-fault divorce, the petitioning spouse does not have to blame or prove that their spouse was responsible for the breakdown of their marriage. Instead, spouses must show the following:

  • Both spouses must agree on incompatibility
  • The spouses have lived separate and apart for at least one year

Demonstrating the terms above is usually much easier than having to prove fault. That is a reason most divorces are petitioned as no-fault.

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