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In this article, you will discover:

  • Common concerns after being served with divorce papers
  • How to protect yourself when facing a potential divorce?
  • If there is a mandatory period of legal separation before filing for divorce
  • Is mediation required before a divorce?
  • What happens if a couple cannot make an agreement about custody?
  • Can one parent relocate with a child after a divorce?

After being served with divorce papers, the biggest fear is time. There is a very strict timeframe to answer the complaint. When someone first sees divorce paperwork, it can be quite intimidating. Because there are so many things that you might not be aware of, it is advisable to hire an attorney. An experienced attorney can make sure that deadlines are met and the proper paperwork is in place.

Another common question is about cost. People often would like to know how much money the divorce will cost them. Everyone’s situation is different though. Some people have children, while others do not. Some couples agree and others do not, so the paperwork and entire process can be difficult and overwhelming. Our office will explain the paperwork and complete for them.

How Can Someone Protect Themselves In The Face Of An Impending Divorce?

The best way to protect yourself or prepare for a divorce is to speak with an attorney. Since everyone’s assets and debts are very different, it is best if we can sit down with the client and speak to them about their specific concerns. Most people’s major concerns are regarding their children or spousal support. If we sit down and discuss these issues, we can figure out a plan to protect the client moving forward.

Is There A Mandatory Period Of Legal Separation Before Filing For Divorce In Ohio?

In order to have a legal separation, you must file it in court like you would a divorce. Just moving into separate houses does not make it a legal separation. There is no requirement to be separated before a divorce. We can still move forward with filing for a divorce even if the couple still live together.

My Spouse And I Are Divorcing. Is Mediation Required In Ohio?

We practice in several different counties in Ohio, and each county has their own mediation process. Some courts offer it, some courts do not. Some courts order the parties to go and some courts do not. The Ohio Supreme Court requires that parties who have minor children attend a parenting class. Some courts require it, while others do not.

What Happens If My Spouse And I Can’t Agree On Custody And Other Matters In Our Divorce?

If the parties cannot agree, then we need to file for a divorce. Then through the divorce process, we figure out what issues we can work on and what issues we cannot. If the court has mediation, we can try to send the parties to mediation in order to see if they can agree on some issues. The courts do try to encourage mediation. If the parties cannot agree, then they will need to file for divorce and go through the court process.

Can A Parent Ever Relocate With A Child Within Or Outside Ohio?

There is a strict law in the state of Ohio called the intent to relocate. You have to file an intent to relocate with the court where your paperwork is filed. You must serve the other party with the intent, and the other party has the right to object to it. If the other party objects, then there is a court hearing. If the parties agree on the relocation, it is best to still update the court records to get the agreement in writing, so that is filed with your court records.

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