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Child Custody Lawyers

We provide you with the necessary, aggressive representation in divorce and child custody matters

When children are involved, divorce and separation become far more complex. It doesn’t matter if you are married or simply a partner parent – custody issues can become difficult to negotiate. Emotions can run high with all parties involved, and making the right decisions may feel impossible. At this difficult time, it’s important to have a lawyer who will advocate for your needs as well as what you feel is best for your children.

The Law Firm of Amy R. Turos is committed to providing our clients with aggressive representation to seek effective, efficient resolutions in child custody decisions. Negotiations will likely start outside of the courtroom, but you have our promise that if your case is moved to the courtroom, we are prepared to fight for your rights and for your children’s future.

Custody Difficulties Can Be Challenging

Attorney Amy Turos is experienced in leading our team, and our clients, in being true advocates in arrangements that are in your children’s best interest. We also remain mindful of what is best for our client parents as well as the interpretations of Ohio law in regards to the following matters:

Custody difficulties can be challenging

  • Custody and visitation agreements
  • Parent timeshare schedules, including holidays, vacations and other times throughout the year
  • Modifications of existing custody orders
  • Paternity issues

As your legal counsel, the team at the Law Firm of Amy R. Turos will provide you with strong, practical advice from the beginning of your case through its conclusion. Our experience spans a broad range of family law matters, which gives us depth in advising you on what matters most in your unique family situation.

Protect What Matters Most

In any family case, we know from experience what matters most: the bond you have with your child or children. We seek custody arrangements that make sense and maintain the important relationship you have with your child or children now… allow you the room to build on it for the future.

If you have questions about child custody issues or how the process works, call our law office in Garrettsville at (330) 222-3898 or use our contact form. We serve clients in Portage, Trumbull, Summit and Geauga Counties and can arrange appointments where it is most convenient for you.

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