Car Accident: How Do I File A Claim?

The worse has happened. You got into a car accident. Thankful that you have minor injuries but you have lost your means of transportation, you cannot go to work, you have medical bills. You are not at fault but you are victim of someone else’s negligence. Drivers owe each other a duty of care and there are plenty of drivers who do not care.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol in the fourth district there was a total in 2020 an approximate 1,756 crashes investigated and in 2021 at least 1,734 investigated so far. This information was last updated on March 29th 2021. There are other categories that are posted on their website which includes distracted drivers, 200 investigated in 2021 and 196 investigated in 2020. Another category that I found interesting was driving under suspension, 772 investigated in 2021 and 440 investigated in 2020. Drivers who have a suspended licensed as considered high risk drivers or people who should not be driving a vehicle at all. A vehicle is considered a weapon and it can cause a tremendous amounts of damage.

When you are not at fault, and someone else has caused our injury, should not have to be responsible for the costs. When you are injured and have medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, our office and personal injury attorneys will fight to have those costs recovered.

How Do You File A Claim In Ohio?

After your car accident it’s very important to contact our office right away. This is due to the fact that hospitals sometimes will bill your insurance without your knowledge, or clients will start paying bills they are not responsible for. It’s important to go over this with us, and provide to us all the bills you are receiving. It’s important to know if you paid any of those bills because we will seek reimbursement.

When you get into a car accident and need to file a claim or to file a case with the court it’s important to understand that personal injury law in Ohio is very complex. There are so many facts and issues in each case so it’s important to know what court client’s needs are and to make sure they are properly reimbursed.

The laws are written in black-and-white but they are not always clear. We have to seek the most for our clients so we need to obtain all the facts, medical bills, lost wages and any expert testimony necessary. Usually a personal injury car accident case isn’t something that clients can handle on their own.

If you have been in a car accident due to a distracted or negligent driver do not hesitate to contact our office we will start working on your case right away. Our Attorneys have years of experience in motor vehicle accidents and more, and have obtained the proper reimbursement for our clients.

Is There A Deadline To File A Personal Injury Case?

 Yes, in the State of Ohio, there is a small amount of time to file a case with the Court which is why it is so important to contact our office as soon as possible. Clients have come to our office after the statute of limitations and we had to turn down those clients. It’s important to provide all the dates to us at your initial consultation so we can insure that we meet any deadlines that are required in Ohio.

Timing plays such a critical role in seeking reimbursement. The timing of the accident, the time a client underwent medical treatment and the time of the lost wages are something that insurance companies pay close attention to. It is critical that all of the proper dates preserved.

Our office has a legal team that will assist and evaluate your case and help you with our options. Once our office is retained, we provide all of the leg work it takes to fight against the insurance companies and the law firms that defend the negligent. Our office will assist you in every step of our case. We help negotiate your settlement and assist and provide the work it takes to file your case with the Court.

Experience Car Accident Lawyers At Our Offices Are Here To Help You

Our car accident attorneys strive to provide the best legal assistance and legal representation to our clients as possible. We have fought the insurance companies and the law firms that represent the negligent for years.

We have recovered and provided the personal custom tailored attention that our clients need. We understand the damage that our clients have gone through and we are dedicated to insuring that we fight for them.

Our office has represented accident victims throughout Northeast Ohio and in a wide variety and wide range of cases and situations. Our accident lawyers have represented auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents. We want our clients to know there is no case to big or too small. We are here to assist them every way that we can. We are conveniently located in Northeast Ohio.

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