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In this article, you will discover:

  • The process of an uncontested divorce in Ohio
  • How long an uncontested divorce could take

Yes, they do need to have agreement on all the issues. If there are a couple of issues where the parties do not agree, we can meet with their lawyers and negotiate terms, if needed. Often the parties can reach negotiate an agreement with the help of their attorneys. At that point, they can move forward with an uncontested divorce.

What Is The Process Of An Uncontested Divorce In Ohio? Do We Still Have To Go To Court At Some Point?

Yes, in state of Ohio, we have at least one hearing in front of the judge or the magistrate when it is uncontested. The first step is a meeting with the client, whether in the office, on the phone, or via video call. We discuss what the client wants and their concerns. Based on that information, we customize paperwork for the client. There are affidavits what the client must fill out. We will help them with this process also, if they need it.

From the affidavits, we custom tailor the uncontested paperwork. We will file the dissolution paperwork, a judgment entry, and a shared parenting plan. Both parties must be at the hearing.

How Long Can We Expect An Uncontested Divorce To Take In Ohio?

When nothing is filed with the court, we have control over how long it takes. If the parties have a full agreement, we can draft it. But if the parties say there is a little bit negotiation, it might take us just a little bit longer. Uncontested divorces are informal, so there are no time constraints with the court. Once we have the final paperwork, we get to file with court for dissolution, and we need a final hearing between 60 and 90 days. If we go past 90 days, then I have to convert it into a divorce. For custody matters, usually court tries to set a hearing date within 30 to 60 days.

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